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My practice has been developing over 30 years to better serve the women of the Conejo Valley.  I am a solo practitioner that treats each individual uniquely.  Although I follow the guidelines of care, there is always room for the art of medicine which I routinely employ.   My care is comprehensive and compassionate and implemented by me, I do not have to share my patients’ medical care with an associate so I can always think out of the box.  I understand and use all the latest and greatest technologies when providing my care to you, but ultimately it’s my clinical knowledge and judgment that I rely on to guide your care for a healthy future.  I combine this with compassion and sensitivity.  My patients know that my door is always open, that’s because I make my own hours.  My personalized care has focused on the uniqueness of each woman as she transitions from adolescence to menopause.

We Promise... 

To listen carefully to your concerns; to make a concerted effort to understand them from your own perspective;


To demonstrate compassion in addressing these concerns and your needs in the context of your specific circumstances;


To treat not only your body but your  mind and spirit as well, helping you to integrate these elements to successfully resolve the issues at hand;


To offer you the highest quality medical care based on science and the knowledge derived from my experience, credentials and certifications;


To treat you with respect, understanding that you are a Woman with many missions in life, and to try to alleviate some of the present hardships you encountered during your journey.


I hope… 

To succeed in these tasks working together, collaborating with you as a partner in the address of your health care.